Tomorrow e.V.   f or Sustainability
Partnering today for a sustainable tomorrow

Bees fly far and wide to find food and pollinate flowering plants, including over human-made boundaries. Without this behavior of the bees, we would have neither fruits nor vegetables, nor would we have flowers – much too little to eat and a discernable decrease in beauty. Because the work of these insects is essential not only for us humans, but also for innumerable other creatures, we have to protect them. Given that bees are undisturbed by our borders, they can also be understood as messengers of peace: Our religions teach us to love one another, act in moderation and preserve nature. Yet, as humans, we fail to create a world without discrimination, war and the exploitation of the earth. We cling to our borders, even though we are first and foremost humans dependent on this precious earth and its diversity of living beings. The role model provided by the bee could thus encourage us to act accordingly, overcoming (religious) boundaries in the common concern for the good of all. May the bees constantly remind us of peace and the respect for life.

"Bees for Peace" is a network of feeding sites at religious communities that offer flowers for bees and other insects. You can register your project with After September 2018, it will appear in a virtual online network, which will be announced on Sept. 2 at the opening event of the Interreligious Week for Nature Conservation in Cologne, Sept. 2-9, 2018. Attached is the (German-language) brochure for the Week.